Nutra Trim Program

Nutra Trim Program

All-In-One Natural Weight Control System (5 Products)

Vitamin Powers Nutra-Trim Nutritional Program Kit has been providing a valuable boost for thousands of people following the popular weight-loss diets.  The nutritive power of this program complements weight management objectives and can help assure a greater return on your dietary and fitness investment.  It supports healthy weight loss, utilizing specific nutritive factors to assist fat metabolism, help curb appetite and boost protein intake, while also helping alleviate excess fluid retention and bloating.

The NUTRA TRIM PROGRAM Contains This Synergistic Combination of Supplements All-In-One Pre-Packaged Kit...

Nutra Trim 7 Diet Booster

Vitamin Power's proprietary all-in-one fat fighting formula supplies chormium picolinate, kelp, vitamin B-6, lecithin, cider vinegar, phenylalanine, and herbal fiber complex for supporting fat metabolism, suppressing appetite and reducing excess fluids.

Ultra Trim Protein Powder

Triple source ultra protein supplement...  Provides 17 grams of high quality protein, yet only 70 calories per serving.

Ultra Multi 90 Plus

Full spectrum daily multiple vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes, all in one convenient tablet.  Ultra Multi 90 Plus builds a foundation for good health, vitality and energy.

Diet and Weight Control Herbal Tea

(Caffeine free) Specifically formulated for natural diuretic action to help alleviate water retention that causes uncomfortable bloating and excess weight.  It's an important component of this natural, nutritive weight-control program.

Papaya Enzyme Chewable Tablets

To assist efficient digestion of fat, carbs, and protein.  Natural Papaya contains the valuable digestive enzyme Papain; 12 mg per tablet.  Convenient, deliciously chewable for supplementing effective enzymatic activity any time of day.

If purchased separately, the cost of the five products would be: $61.50.

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by Vitamin Power
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