Nature's Powerful Carotenoid, Providing Protective Nutritional Benefits

High-Concentration Extract Derived From Nutrient-Rich, Ripe Tomatoes

Replenishment of the body's Lycopene supply can help bolster the body's defense mechanisms, resulting in greater protection of the body's enzymes, DNA and cellular lipids.

Lycopene eliminates a particularly destructive form of oxidation called free radicals.  In fact, it's more than twice as powerful as beta carotene at quenching free radicals.  Lycopene is also one of the most abundant carotenoids in human blood serum and is the most bundant carotene in prostate tissue.

Each easy to take softgel supplies a high concentration of Lycopene (5 mg), approximately as much as in one pound of red ripened tomatoes.

Vitamin Power's Lycopene is formulated without caffeine, corn, gluten, sodium, starch, sugar, wheat or yeast;  No artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives added.

(2816R) Lycopene [100 Count]
(Not subject to MI sales tax.)
100 $19.90
(2816U) Lycopene [250 Count]
(Not subject to MI sales tax.)
250 $47.90

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